Beer and Comedy go together like an old lady and 27 cats right?

Everyone likes to laugh and nobody more than those who have had a few brews with their friends.

Whether it is making fun of your wine snob friend who joined the gang for a beer fest but keeps going on about the terroir of the hops and the amazing bouquet of the new organic boysenberry sour beer that really cleanses the palate, or hanging with a bunch of good people that enjoy a pint and chatting; going to see a comedy show after a day of tasting various craft beers is sure to have everyone howling.  Get your Beer Fest tickets now before they’re gone at Whistler Village Beer Fest.

If you are attending the Whistler Village Beer Festival – you are sure to have an awesome time, if you want to see some kick-ass comedians, check out The Comedy Kegger being held at Buffalo Bills on Sunday, September 17th.

Doors at 8pm – Show at 9pm. Tickets may be available at the door if not sold out.